Latin American DNS Observatory

Areas of Interest

This project is framed under the area of Interest of Operations of the LAC Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

Working Group

The working group is composed by members of the regional ICANN community:

  • Hugo Salgado – Nic Chile
  • Lia Soliz - Entel Bolivia
  • Alejandro Acosta - LACNIC
  • Antonio Alberti - Inatel Brazil
  • Victor Hugo de Oliveira – Inatel
  • Juan Manuel Rojas - Colombia


On April 10, 2013, during the ICANN 46 meeting held in Beijing, the final version of the LAC Strategic Plan was presented by the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee members had agreed on the need for a project to develop a Latin American DNS Observatory which would function as a measuring point for technical protocol parameters in the Domain Name System, DNS.

Subsequently, the Steering Committee for the LAC Strategic Plan met in 2015 in Montevideo to review the plan and to assess the progress made so far, and to align its goals with the ICANN Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

As a result of this meeting, the Region now has a LAC Strategic Plan 2016-2020, including the LAC DNS Observatory project, other previously planned projects and a variety of new ones.

Proposed Structure

  • Goal

    The Latin American DNS Observatory aims at establishing a regional measuring point for technical protocol parameters of the Domain Name System, "DNS", in order to increase knowledge on this critical technology, and to measure the implementation of new improvements and compliance with standards.

  • Scope

    The Latin American DNS Observatory will work on the basis of having stringent technical parameters and making active measurements from different points of Internet within the region.

    It will seek regional TLD and ccTLD cooperation to meet the metrics set by the project working group.

  • Metrics

    Number of DNS servers per domain.

    • Indicate / query the number of responding servers for each domain name.

    ASN number and diversity per domain DNS.

    • Check robustness from a routing perspective.
    • IP segment distribution per domain DNS.
    • Check robustness from a routing perspective to verify they are not on the same subnet.

    Health of DNS servers.

    • Minimum standard support (DNS, incorrect queries, TCP).
    • Verify compliance with minimum standards and best practices in DNS service operations.

    Security metrics (variables ports, non recursiveness, etc).

    • Make the recursive query to authoritative servers to detect vulnerability.

    IPv6 and DNSSEC penetration.

    • Show IPv6 and DNSSEC penetration rates.

  • Server

    The LAC DNS Observatory server has been installed at NIC Chile premises in the city of Santiago de Chile.

  • Reports

    With all the information gathered, three reports will be published annually, on an ongoing basis, and using the same metrics in order to compare the evolution of results. This allows to track evolution while deploying new technologies, and measuring results of improvement and change policies.

  • Measurement

    To have at least 1 active measuring point with a list of domains available. TLDs which contribute to this initiative are expected to deliver their zones in a private and secure format. From there, the queries per domain name will be made.

    It is also possible to obtain partial domain lists through other means, such as the Alexa country list.

  • Privacy

    Due to privacy restrictions in each country, the list of domains of a TLD can be considered private and sensitive data. In this case, a commitment for the proper use of information only for research purposes should be singed, and the list of domains or detailed results which may provide clues should not be disclosed. Only aggregate results for the entire region may be publicly disclosed.