Strategic Plan

The core value of ICANN is our commitment to the bottom-up, multistakeholder approach. It defines our community and its activities. We are committed to this approach because we believe global inclusivity, transparency and accountability are critical to be trusted by stakeholders worldwide to fulfill our Mission. ICANN works to be a proficient, responsive and respected steward of the public interest by ensuring open and effective cooperation and collaboration among our stakeholders. These collective efforts culminate in a common shared goal: a single, interoperable Internet supported by stable, secure and resilient unique identifier systems. The Internet remains a globally shared resource unlike anything the world has ever had. It drives nearly continuous change in everything it touches in society.

The impact of those changes is magnified by their ever-increasing rate and reach. We, the ICANN community, must be ready to not only meet these changes, but to be ahead of them with respect to their impact on the Internet’s unique identifier systems.

Background information

October 17th, 2012, Community members from Latin America and the Caribbean met at the ICANN45 meeting in Toronto to discuss a strategic plan for the region. For the first time ever, regional representatives from each constituency or stakeholder group got together to discuss a draft plan that was conceived during the ICANN meeting in Prague.

The Plan is the result of community input and consultation with all relevant stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Useful input and guidance came from At-Large structures working in the LACRALO, Governments participating in the GAC, the private sector represented at the gNSO, past Board Members, and leaders of regional organizations such as LACNIC and LACTLD and, also known as the Steering Committee.

Six months later on April 10th 2013 during ICANN46 meeting in Beijing, the final version of the LAC Strategic Engagement Plan was presented by the Steering Committee.

See the members of the Steering Committee by reading the full Strategic Plan here.